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Create Flip Book

  • Open your admin site in your browser
  • Click Extend > 1 Flash Gallery and
  • select Create Flipbook v2 on the toolbar menu.
  • Complete the fields as required.

Complete the fields

Open an Existing Flip Book

  • Click Extend > 1 Flash Gallery > Galleries List.
  • Exiting Galleries will be displayed.
  • Click Gallery title.
  • Complete/Alter fields as required.

How to Prepare Images for Flip Book

The Page Flip Book Extension allows to show two different images on pages - one image for normal state and another for zoomed state. Small images size must comply with the flip book size. Large images must comply with Zoom Images Width / Height parameters. You'll get the best quality and performance in this case.

If you use images larger than 2000x2000px flip book can work slower.

Images for Flip Book Pages

Joomla Flipping Book Small Image

Zoom Images for Flip Book Extension Pages

Joomla Flipping Book Big Image


Save Gallery Item

(saving edited gallery item)

  • Click the Save button after editing. or
  • Select your other preference.
  • Click Close to close item.